We honor author Rob Stewart’s remarkable journey of courage and determination changed from its original mission to save the world’s sharks, into a fight for life, that of humankind.

In an effort to protect them, award-winning filmmaker Rob Stewart teamed up with renegade conservationist Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The adventure started with a battle between the Ocean Warrior and shark poachers in Guatemala, resulting in pirate boat rammings, corrupt court systems, and attempted murder charges, forcing them to flee for their lives.

Through such an exploration, biologistphotographer, and conservationist Rob Stewart discovered these magnificent creatures have gone from predator to prey, and despite surviving the earth’s history of mass extinctions, they could easily be wiped out by a few years of human greed.

As Stewart tells us in his last film Revolution, released on Earth Day 2015, we have a decision to make, as we don’t have to much time to save human and environmental life from extinction.

This amazing expedition is, in fact, a heartfelt call to immediate action for us all, global citizens of an interconnected world, international politicians, and corporate leaders.

Rob Stewart “takes us on a quest through our evolution to find out how we are going to survive this extinction“. It is a reminder that “this is our story, the fight for the future“.

Now Revolution takes the fight to save our oceans to the next level. Stewart filmed Revolution over four years in 15 countries, in some of the most remote and breathtaking locations in the world; the cinematography is gorgeous, and introduces us to never-before-seen marine wildlife.

This film is the best Rob Stewart’s response to the pleas of leading scientists and conservationists, who told him that the bigger picture of the planet being in jeopardy needed to be told. They made the convincing case that by the middle of this century, we could have no fish in the sea, no coral reefs, no rainforests, and a planet that can’t sustain many forms of life.

Revolution takes on ocean acidification, tar sands, deforestation, over-population, pollution, and food scarcity, and includes some of the world’s leading scientists. Rod Stewart covered several major successful environmental protests featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and activists using non-violent civil disobedience, similar to the tactics of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., to send an unquestionable message to all governments and the media worldwide.

It becomes clear that the global conservation movement depends on the sincere effort and passion of many environmentally and socially responsible young people all around the world, and that objective environmental information and scientific data changes everything.

Revolution is an inspiring adventure that dives into the evolution of life through some of the world’s most charismatic and little known species, and the man-made catastrophe facing our world.

This is an empowering firsthand look into the most important issues facing humanity, the story of how we got here, the unique ecosystems we depend on for survival, and the dawn of the largest movement that’s ever existed that’s rising to the challenge of saving our world and ourselves.

Uncovering the cause of the mass extinctions of the past, Rob Stewart’s Revolution film deftly and courageously outlines the cultural revolution required to save us from the same fate that ended the reign of the dinosaurs – a mass extinction caused by ocean acidification.

We need to position the global environmental crisis as a unique opportunity for our youths to become heroes, and ourselves to become responsible citizens and consumers, and future generations to become the sustainability champions of tomorrow.

Revolution is a compelling and uplifting call for all humanity to fight for the world we wish to survive, pointing to the past non-violent revolutions as examples for the kind of change needed.

Stewart offers the film to the conservation community as a fundraising tool for their campaigns.

50% of the proceeds from Revolution’s release will benefit conservation. “The conservation movement is the biggest that has ever existed,” says Stewart. “It should be winning the battle to save our world… all that’s missing is awareness. We hope by releasing Revolution in this exciting way that we can help educate and empower everyone to get involved.

Let’s stand up all together! Watch the Revolution Film now! We are all part of this Revolution! We call you to join us and take action to make this change possible for human being on Earth.