Our Ideal Clients

ETICAMBIENTE® partners with national and international environmentally and socially responsible companies, nonprofit organizations, professional associations and corporate foundations with visible track of corporate responsibility strategy & sustainability culture.

We work with CEOs & BOARDS, EXECUTIVES and MANAGERS of profit and nonprofit organizations, who are keen to understand how sustainability can make good business sense, and acquire proper in-house expertise to create profitable sustainability strategies and initiatives.

They feel the growing pressure from key customers and partners to increase the transparency on the Triple Bottom Line measurement and performance, and make their supply chain more sustainable.

In most cases, they come to us because competitors have begun to hurt them, usually through the implementation of sustainability and CSR practices to attract new clients and opportunities.


They need to address the following GOVERNANCE and SUSTAINABILITY OBJECTIVES:

  • Understand how sustainability laws and regulations affect business model and governance.
  • Identify, capitalize and manage sustainability opportunity and risk in a long-term perspective.
  • Integrate sustainability into core business strategies towards a more sustainable growth.
  • Maximize returns on tangible and intangible benefits of any sustainability or CSR initiative.
  • Understand how sustainability helps business and makes operations efficient and effective.
  • Comply with environmental, health and safety laws and new sustainability standards.


Most of our best CORPORATE and NON-PROFIT CLIENTS would describe themselves as:

  • Interested in business ethics & responsive to stakeholder expectations on social performance.
  • Committed to excellence & pioneers in acting responsibly towards society & the environment.
  • Open-minded leaders & high-integrity team players that believe in a more sustainable growth.
  • Positive, proactive, persuasive and energetic workers with strong analytical skill and aptitude.
  • Decision-oriented and expertise in prioritizing projects, multi-tasking and meeting deadlines.
  • Adaptable to change, creative & innovative with an ability to explore new idea and possibilities.


They operate in Italy, Europe or worldwide and especially within the growing INDUSTRIES of:

  • Agro-industry and Agribusiness: production and distribution of agricultural and farm products, agro-industrial development and sustainable technologies in food processing.
  • Green and Sustainable Chemistry: development of innovative chemical processes and application and promotion of cleaner production technology in the chemical industry.
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy: production, distribution and commercialization of renewable-energy products and services and energy efficiency related technology.
  • Environmental Services and Equipment: innovative recycling technologies and efficient use of natural resources, air quality monitoring, waste treatment and disposal technologies.
  • Green ICT and Sustainable Technologies: green technological products and services that incorporate green computing principles and take into account the Triple Bottom Line.


Some of the SPECIFIC RESULTS and SUSTAINABILITY VALUE we have generated include:

  • Supported GI GROUP, its divisions and subsidiary companies to train clients on QHSE.
  • Spoke about LCA at EDILCAMP 2013 1st Italian Barcamp for the Construction Industry.
  • Lectured on CSR at IED Turin Professional Master in Sustainability Communications.
  • Designed for ENEL Green Power subsidiary company Agatos Energia its new website.
  • Provided SAP XC Excellence Club with legal advice to assure competency on CSR issues.
  • Served SAP Italy in preparing marketing content for new sustainability offerings launch.
  • Helped SAS Italy become the first country in the EU to profitably sell green IT software.
  • Supported QUI GROUP create sustainability report to succeed in public & private bids.
  • Collaborated with SDA Bocconi School of Management at seminars on sustainability.



Or CONTACT US to set up an INITIAL CONSULTATION. We will discuss how we can help you create and promote effective SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGIES and INITIATIVES.



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