Our Sustainability Solutions

We specialize in working with Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises willing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and improve the integration of sustainability into their business models, daily operations, and risk analysis.

By providing all-in-one sustainability management and communication solutions, and sustainability coaching and training programs, we empower our clients achieve long term business prosperity, honor the Triple Bottom Line, and enhance brand reputation.

We support our clients by creating compelling business cases for sustainability and climate change adaptation and mitigation plans, and by implementing successful environmental level strategies to access green markets, and promote eco-friendly products and services.

We create and promote innovative sustainability programs and corporate social responsibility initiatives, and offer strategic advisory services on climate change and the SDGs.

Strategy & Management Consulting

Creating compelling business cases for stronger corporate sustainability

Strategy & Management Consulting

PR Advisory & Communication

Building brand reputation & visibility for superior customer loyalty

Public Relations Advisory & Communication

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Facilitating sustainability leadership for better employees engagement

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Educational Programs & Training

Providing employees with knowledge & skills for greater expertise

Educational Programs & Training

Sustainability Events & Initiatives

With 17+ years of multidisciplinary consulting experience in the field of sustainability & CSR, we specialize in developing sustainable business solutions, and ensure a sustainable approach to events and initiatives.

Why Choose Us

  • Solutions reflecting the specific circumstances and aspirations of the organization

  • Fast action, as we are not being distracted by possible internal management tasks

  • CSR best practice and cost-effective measures for business or commercial activity

  • Sustainability expertise and experience from other business sectors or countries

  • Peculiar skill and techniques to transfer to the in-house staff of the organization

Our Testimonials

“Paola spoke at our first Round Table on Sustainability and Social Responsibility at the SAS FORUM ITALIA 2008, and gave a very effective presentation on the biggest challenge in Sustainability Management at the SAS Institute Sustainability Conference.

We had positive feedback, and were very pleased with her contribution. Her public speaking and sustainability consulting practice resulted in a win-win for all involved. I highly recommend Paola and her extensive experience and expertise in sustainability & CSR.”

Pietro Betto, Business Development Manager Performance Management Solutions, SAS Institute Srl, 30th October 2009

“Her sustainability management and communications consulting solutions gave us a fundamental support to develop two key project areas about sustainability, CSR and green ICT: the first project was about the developing of our sustainability marketing and communications campaigns, and the second one was about the organization of our Chief Financial Officer annual event.

I’m grateful to Paola for her involvement and guidance, and enthusiasm and passion about sustainability and CSR. I highly recommend Paola and her sustainability solutions for the best economic, social and environmental performance.”

Stefano Varasi, Alliance Director, SAP Italia SpA, 5th October 2010

“She helped us define the key performance indicators to measure and monitor our corporate performance, and that of sub-suppliers and sub-contractors, and link that to our long-term core business policies and strategies. Paola gave us a deep insight into the latest trends and best practices in sustainability, especially about the new green business opportunities in international outsourcing.

She is an excellent consultant, a talented environmental communicator and has a great understanding of what it takes to create sustainable development and innovation. She is an authentic, creative resource. I highly recommend Paola as a top expert on sustainability to assist businesses with green projects and initiatives.”

Simone Bernini, General Manager, GAIN, 23rd July 2010

“Her support helped us reduce our costs, take better control of the production process and risk, improve our brand image and reputation and take advantage of the new market opportunities rising internationally.

She has an extensive knowledge and expertise in environmental management and compliance. Her diligence and work led to improve our environmental performance and build better relationships with local authorities.

I greatly recommend Paola as a highly valuable and superior sustainability management and communications consultant.”

Andrea Zuffinetti, General Manager, Natale Zuffinetti Srl, 28th July 2010