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Here you can read articles and posts about Sustainability and CSR written by the Founder and CEO of ETICAMBIENTE® Sustainability Management & Communications Consulting, Dr. Paola Fiore (Me).

Founded in 2000 ETICAMBIENTE® is a valued and an established Brand, and it is a Pioneer in the field of Sustainability Thinking and CSR Strategy.

We are not going to make a long introduction. If you are here reading and commenting, we believe that you are most likely familiar with us and what we do.

We are sure that you already know that we are passionate about Environmental Protection, Business EthicsSocial JusticeNatural Resources and Sustainable Development, and that we want to help Small, Medium and Large Companies and Citizens develop their own Sustainable Businesses and Green Living Styles towards a more Environmentally and Socially Responsible Society and Economy.

We aim to reach Sustainability Leaders and CSR Practitioners, and develop Collaborative Networks through engaging with our Audience via effective Posts, Comments and Feedback.

We want to support, and be one of the best partners of, top CEOs & Boards, C-Level Executives and Senior & Middle Managers in their Corporate Strategies and Daily Operations in order to take always fully informed and Ethical Business Decisions towards Sustainability.

We will use these Blog Pages also to keep our Readers informed about any Website improvement, new features and interesting happenings around ETICAMBIENTE® and about Sustainability.

That’s why we will reference not only our best Solutions and Services, but also Innovative Practices, Tools and Perspectives about Sustainability from Industry and Academy.

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Stay up-to-date on Sustainability and CSR, and check back from time-to-time our Blog.


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We help our clients and partners address the most pressing economical, political, social and environmental challenges. If you want to learn more about our sustainability practices, please Contact Us for an initial introductory consultation to discuss what management and communications systems you may need for complete sustainability legislative and regulatory compliance, and better measurement and reporting of TBL performance.


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