Our Key Differentiators

By providing all-in-one sustainability solutions, and giving insights on current and future EU sustainability legislation and policy, ETICAMBIENTE® empowers its clients to improve brand reputation, drive long term business growth and honor the Triple Bottom Line.

We have 16+ years of multidisciplinary consulting experience in sustainability management and communications, and maintain our knowledge and expertise through continuous improvement.

We are passionate about sustainable development and social responsibility topics, and have a unique combination of skills and expertise on sustainability management, communications and coaching.

We assist leading environmentally and socially responsible companies in identifying the most probable areas for change, and provide the best available and cost-benefit sustainability solutions.

We help profit and non-profit organizations to manage and communicate effectively about their core sustainability issues, and give concrete guidance on sustainability organization and execution.


We have developed a CLEAR and DIFFERENTIATED VALUE PROPOSITION based on:

  • All-in-one sustainability management and communications solutions, adaptive strategy planning, and innovative thinking towards more sustainable business practice.
  • Independent, objective judgement and up-to-date perspectives, and practical support and resources on sustainability and CSR topics relating to industrial and commercial issues.
  • Full participation and engagement in the development of social and environmental responsibility values, and integration of sustainability into decision making and operations.
  • Active support implementation and engagement with clients, and improvement of sustainability knowledge and leadership skills to ensure motivation and commitment.
  • Distinctive approach to sustainability communications, and strong background in environmental journalism and media studies, and news coverage of environmental issues.
  • New and creative ways to articulate and solve business problems, and innovative project conceptualization and evaluation of alternative and sustainable solutions to business.
  • Knowledge structuring of core sustainability and CSR issues, coordination of data and information, interdisciplinary approach and integrated cross-disciplinary solutions.
  • Over 16 years experience in sustainability consulting, and unique expertise in environmental law, environmental management and environmental communication.

These are the MOST IMPORTANT and IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGES of working with us:

  • Unique solutions reflecting the particular circumstances and aspirations of your organization.
  • Speed of action, as we are not being distracted by other possible internal management tasks.
  • CSR best practice and cost-effective measures from your own business or commercial activity.
  • Sustainability expertise and exposure derived from other business sectors or countries alike.
  • Provision of peculiar skill and techniques to transfer to your organization’s in-house staff.
  • Enhanced change management functions by an independent, specialized consultancy.

Some of the SPECIFIC RESULTS and SUSTAINABILITY VALUE we have generated include:

  • Supported GI GROUP, its divisions and subsidiary companies to train clients on QHSE.
  • Spoke about LCA at EDILCAMP 2013 1st Italian Barcamp for the Construction Industry.
  • Lectured on CSR at IED Turin Professional Master in Sustainability Communications.
  • Designed for ENEL Green Power subsidiary company Agatos Energia its new website.
  • Provided SAP XC Excellence Club with legal advice to assure competency on CSR issues.
  • Served SAP Italy in preparing marketing content for new sustainability offerings launch.
  • Helped SAS Italy become the first country in the EU to profitably sell green IT software.
  • Supported QUI GROUP create sustainability report to succeed in public & private bids.
  • Collaborated with SDA Bocconi School of Management at seminars on sustainability.



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