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Interested in green product manufacturing and sustainability service development?

We are specialized in helping corporate and non-profit organizations, especially in the rapidly evolving INDUSTRIES of:

Renewable/Sustainable Energy: renewable-energy companies and corporations specialized in the production and commercialization of clean energy goods and services, and energy efficiency related technologies. In particular, those organizations involved in the biofuels, solar power, wind power, wave power, geothermal power and tidal power industry and the alternative energy sector.

Environmental Services & Equipment: companies of the environmental management industry, specialized in activities encompassing water and waste water management, river system and coastal zone management, land management, rehabilitation and remediation, air quality monitoring and control, energy efficiency and renewable energy, waste minimization, resource recycling, waste treatment and waste disposal, cleaner production technologies, monitoring and instrumentation, research, analysis and systems development.

Agro-industry: companies and corporations specialized in the supply, processing and distribution of farm products, agricultural, food and agro-industrial commodities, and dealing with all aspects of technology management of farming goods, including post harvest physiology, handling, packaging, logistics and supply chain for successful management in post harvest and food technology.

Green Chemistry: companies and corporations specialized in improving and developing innovative processes and products for the chemical, energy, food, pharmaceutical and associated industries through the implementation of principles of green chemistry and related clean chemical technologies. They provide competitive, tailor-made solutions, which enable chemical production to be more profitable, less wasteful and damaging to the environment and more socially responsible.

Green ICT: companies and corporations specialized in balancing economic and environmental aspects of ICT, and interested in creating eco-friendly ICT products and services by using computing resources efficiently, as well as sustainable technological systems and innovative cloud computing products that take into account the Triple Bottom Line of economic viability, social responsibility and environmental impact. According to the Gartner definition, and within the context of an enterprise, Green ICT is the “optimal use of information and communication technology (ICT) for managing the environmental sustainability of enterprise operations and the supply chain, and that of its products, services and resources, throughout their life cycles”.



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