Our Professional Specialties

We provide a suite of core sustainability expertise that helps our clients meet their specific needs.


Sustainability Management & Compliance: developing integrated environmental and socially responsible management systems and internal control processes to ensure alignment of sustainability performance to organizational objectives, and compliance with laws, regulations and standards.

Carbon Management & Emissions Reporting: understanding risks and opportunities related to climate change, as well as government policies and market responses, and preparing mid-to-large sized organizations in this rapidly evolving area by reducing costs and building new market opportunities.

Energy Management & Eco-efficiency Programs: increasing eco-efficiency performance and improving energy management day-to-day operations by integrating rigorous energy-saving policies and strategies with more sustainable operational and organizational business practices.

Sustainable Event Management & Responsible Supply Chains: embedding sustainability into events planning cycle to promote social progress and environmental sustainability, and managing supply chains with environmental and ethical responsibility to minimize risk and improve performance.

CSR Management & Accountability Standards: establishing a strong CSR management system in accordance with top social accountability standards, and implementing sustainable sourcing to achieve sustainable development and strengthening CSR accountability and management.

Sustainability Metrics Management & Reporting: every organization needs to track strategic sustainability metrics to achieve cost savings and reduce environmental and social impacts, and have a clear picture of how to perform over time using a comprehensive internal reporting on metrics.

Environmental Journalism & Communications: understanding the scientific language, historical environmental events, as well as keeping up-to-date on environmental policy decisions and non profit organizations work to raise public awareness and communicate all of that information.

Stakeholder Engagement & Facilitation Process: helping organizations creating and implementing effective stakeholder engagement approaches by developing integrated engagement strategy, facilitating dialogue and empowering collaborative participation with major and minor stakeholders.

Sustainability Education, Coaching & Training: addressing topics from basic sustainability management and communications concepts to more advanced sustainability methodologies for establishing sustainable practices, building sustainability teams and increasing new career opportunities.


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