Dr. Paola Fiore's Full Biography

Forward Thinking, Pioneering Sustainability Management & Communications Specialist.

Paola Fiore is a sustainability management and communications specialist and the founder of ETICAMBIENTE® Sustainability Management & Communications Consulting. A forward-thinking pioneer in her field, she leverages her creativity, passion for the environment and extensive expertise in environmental law, sustainability management and communications to create and promote innovative sustainability solutions that transform companies into profitable and responsible market leaders.

Paola works with environmentally and socially responsible companies, non-profit organizations and professional associations, especially in the agroindustry, chemical, energy, environmental and green ICT sectors. With business ethics as a core value, she empowers these organizations to develop new business models and use the latest tools and methodologies to best manage and communicate their services to their target audiences. Paola partners with corporate and non-profit management to create a culture of sustainability, apply responsible leadership principles, and find the right balance among economic, social and environmental goals to drive innovative, sustainable business growth, increase profits, and enhance brand reputation. She empowers old and new generations of sustainability leaders to emerge through helping them define their vision and strategies, refine accountability and decision making processes, and manage cultural change towards sustainability.

In addition to over sixteen years of experience as a sustainability management and communications consultant in Italy and UK, Paola holds a master’s degree in environmental management, a law degree with a specialization in environmental economics, several diplomas on sustainability management and has studied corporate social responsibility. She uses this extensive training and experience to help her clients capitalize on opportunities created when applying sustainability principles, including accessing new markets, identifying cost savings and creating new products and services – all while mitigating risk. She can advise on a variety of issues, from natural resources consumption, supply-chain management, and recruiting sustainability professionals to carbon footprint modeling, emission trading risk and datacenter innovation. Paola also uses her legal expertise to help organizations make sense of and comply with Italian legislation, European regulations and International policies and standards about energy, environmental and corporate social responsibility management and systems.

Driven by authenticity, creativity and the pursuit of excellence, Paola takes a holistic approach towards introducing sustainable development as a core business strategy and creating a culture of sustainability. She works closely with minor and major stakeholders to ensure that economic, social, cultural and political factors are taken into account when building or restructuring business systems to support long-term, responsible business growth. Paola provides sustainability coaching and training to corporate and non-profit board members, C-level executives, senior and middle managers and communities alike to build capacity and encourage engagement to support the full integration of sustainability management and communications into day-to-day operations.

As ongoing measurement of performance indicators across the entire organization is an essential part of sustainability management, Paola also works with her clients to set up comprehensive metrics to evaluate both their tangible and intangible assets, and their financial and non-financial results. Through monitoring performance, Paola helps organizations develop the right policies and strategies to reduce operational costs, enable cost-effective resources management, attract and retain environmentally conscious customers and employees and enhance credibility and trust.

Because effective sustainability management requires regular engagement and communications with all stakeholders, Paola works with her clients to develop strong relationships with, and clear and consistent messaging to, all members of an organization’s community. With more than eleven years of experience as a professional journalist and media consultant, a master’s degree in business and corporate communications, and a degree in documentary photography, Paola uses her training and experience to develop powerful and relevant sustainability communications strategies and tools. Her comprehensive approach helps companies and organizations strengthen their image both internally and externally, as well as promote their sustainability practices to their target audiences. Paola also helps her clients to anticipate trends, understand communications flows to ideal audiences, and optimize the entire corporate communication process.

It is her expertise in sustainability management and communications, which has led Paola to being published in several Italian weekly newspapers and monthly magazines, including La Stampa TuttoScienze, Vita Non Profit Magazine, Il Corriere delle Opere, Panorama Economy, Il Sole 24ORE, Il Mondo and Focus. She has also been featured in leading ICT publications, including Computer Business Review and ITA.SAS.COM. Paola regularly presents at industry events, like SAS ITALIA FORUM 2008SAP ITALIA 1st SUSTAINABILITY CONFERENCE 2011 and EDILCAMP 2013 the 1st Italian Barcamp for the Construction Industry, and seminars organized by the SDA Bocconi School of Management. She has also given lectures in Ethics and Environmental Reporting at the IED Turin Professional Master in Sustainability Communications, and has taught CSR Communications at the Course on Corporate Social Responsibility created and promoted by the Italian Association Yali Cultural Production. 

Paola is a member of several professional associations, including the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, the Italian Ethical Labour Network, the Italian Professional Association of Journalists and the Association of Professional Photographers. During her staying in UK, she has been a member of the National Union of Journalists, and recently joined the American Society of Environmental Journalists. Paola’s images have been represented for over seven years worldwide by the International Photo Agency Grazia Neri based in Milan.

Paola is passionate about nature and any topic related to environmental protection. In addition to her regular contributions to International and Italian associations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Legambiente, Lipu and Fai to support projects in Italy and developing countries, she is actively involved in documenting and reporting about environmental and social issues in Italian monthly magazines like Piemonte Parchi. She also sells her images to art buyers and galleries, and through stock photo agencies to national and International publications.

When she is not working for her clients, Paola enjoys writing articles and short stories, making documentary and landscape photographs, cooking Italian food and learning about nutrients and food safety. She likes listening to different genres of music like blues, rock and classical, and reading biographies and literature. Paola is very keen also on traveling, meeting different cultures and people, and visiting new Italian and foreign destinations.


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