Dr. Paola Fiore's Curriculum Vitae

Sustainability Management Solutions, Collaborative Training Initiatives, Eco-focused Communications.

Forward thinking, pioneering sustainability expert who uses her passion for the environment and extensive experience to transform corporate and non-profit organizations into more socially responsible market leaders. Leveraging her creativity with a continuous focus on growth and innovation, her multiple degrees and expertise in environmental law, sustainability and communications, she promotes innovative sustainability management solutions that empower companies to drive long term business value that honors the Triple Bottom Line.

With over 16 years of sustainability management and communications consulting experience, she partners with companies and organizations to capitalize on opportunities created by taking a sustainable approach to business, including identifying cost savings, accessing new markets and promoting new products and services. As a communications consultant, she has helped build credible brands through securing media coverage and developing powerful sustainability communications strategies and green marketing campaigns.

As a professional journalist, she has built an extensive network of media professionals whom she can rely on. Dr. Paola Fiore and her own company ETICAMBIENTE® Sustainability Management & Communications Consulting provide all-in-one, innovative sustainability solutions that not only help increase the Triple Bottom Line and improve brand reputation in the short, medium and long term, but also encourage and support small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises become more responsible global citizens.


  • Supported Italian business GI GROUP and its subsidiary companies to train strategic clients on HSE.
  • Spoke about Life Cycle Assessment at EDILCAMP 2013 1st Italian Barcamp for the Construction Industry.
  • Lectured at IED Turin Professional Master in Sustainability Communications and described case studies.
  • Created for ENEL Green Power subsidiary company Agatos Energia a new Website and communications.
  • Provided SAP partner XC Excellence Club with legal advice to assure competency about Sustainability/CSR.
  • Served SAP Italy in preparing key marketing content for its new sustainability offerings marketing launch.
  • Helped SAS Italy become first country in Europe to successfully sell sustainability management solutions.
  • Supported QUI GROUP Italy create its first sustainability report to succeed in top public and private bids.
  • Collaborated with SDA Bocconi School of Management in presenting at seminars on key sustainability topics.
  • Improved media coverage and consumer awareness of Italian utility with a publication of its first CSR report.
  • Expanded database and acquired new Italian clients for US industrial market intelligence service provider.
  • Improved control over sustainability supply chain performance for Italian factory and its textile products.
  • Reduced implementation costs of Environmental Management System at a production site of Italian firm.
  • Increased revenue and online traffic for Italian Web portal dealing with current CSR issues and trends.
  • Taught Corporate Social Responsibility Communications at a CSR Course held by an Italian Association.


  • Environmental Law & Sustainability Standards.
  • Sustainability Management & Compliance.
  • Environmental Management & Audit Schemes.
  • Carbon Management & Emissions Reporting.
  • Energy Management & Eco-efficiency Plans.
  • CSR Management & Accountability Standards.
  • Sustainability Metrics Management & Reporting.
  • Environmental Journalism & Communications.
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Facilitation Process.
  • Sustainability Coaching & Training Programs.


Sustainability Management & Communications Specialist at ETICAMBIENTE® SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING, July 2000 – present.

Empower socially responsible corporate and non-profit organizations to create innovative sustainable business solutions and strategies that minimize the environmental impacts of business and maximize the bottom line. Services and results created for clients include:

  • Improve performance and reduce the environmental impact of business by implementing sustainability management systems and promoting best practices in environmental management and audit schemes.
  • Manage and forecast economic and natural consumption of an organization and enhance the strategic impact of sustainability by defining effective metrics to measure baselines and track performance.
  • Minimize risk, reduce costs and promote eco-efficiency by identifying key areas for change and measuring and monitoring different elements of an organisation’s carbon emissions.
  • Empower boards and executives to deliver Triple Bottom Line value by converting knowledge of environmental management, green communications, marketing and PR into winning, client-centered solutions.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of purchases by helping businesses implement sustainable supply chains, improve procurement, logistics, product development and stewardship, and cut carbon emissions.
  • Help companies avoid disciplinary measures by insuring compliance with legislation at national, European and international levels through developing sustainability monitoring and tracking systems.
  • Enhance brand reputation through developing and implementing sustainability communications strategies, applying 2.0 tools, and providing an expert perspective through speaking, presentations and panel discussions.
  • Improve leadership development and awareness of the power of applying sustainability principles in both work and life inside organizations by using coaching and training at the organizational, team and individual level.
  • Measure and monitor growing consumer demand for sustainable products and services by conducting interviews, research, surveys and studies related to cultural orientation, attitudes and ethical values.
  • Help reduce corporate greenwashing and third-party claims by developing tools for consumer engagement and educating employees about the importance of transparency in sustainable innovation.



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