Establish an Energy Management Framework

On 01/08/2011, in Energy Management, by Dr. Paola Fiore


Energy consumption has become a key performance indicator for any organization.

If you can save energy, you can also save operational costs, as well as reduce your company’s greenhouse gas emissions, take greater care for natural resources and contribute to sustainable development through positive and tangible actions.

If you work in any energy intense industry (chemical, cement, paper, ceramic, glass, lime, iron alloys and minerals, chlor-alkali, steel, metals, clay), and other sectors covered by the Emission Trading Scheme (under the Kyoto Protocol’s Emissions Trading Scheme, or the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, which put a cap on carbon dioxide emissions and create a market and price for carbon allowances), you can help your organization achieve significant improvement in energy consumption.

As a CEO, C-Level Executive, or Senior Manager, you can advise your company to implement energy efficiency best practices (identifying where energy is used, wasted and saved for the most effect), optimize energy resources and increase usage of renewable energy, instead of using a large percentage of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas for the industrial production.

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