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ASMT Group: First Corporate Social Responsibility Report / Management & Strategic Consulting / Utility / Italian Company.

Improved Media Coverage and Consumer Awareness of Italian Utility with First CSR Report Publication.

CHALLENGE: When the North Italian utility company ASMT Group asked in January 2006 our collaboration and support to create and manage the overall organization of its first corporate socially responsible report, the company had no experience in corporate social responsibility policy and strategy, nor had published any document about its sustainability performance. Our main challenge was to address and support the Chief Environmental and Communication Officers in researching, organizing and analyzing both internal and external data about key sustainability performance indicators in order to write, edit and effectively communicate the annual corporate strategy and the economic, environmental and social results to company’s stakeholders and shareholders.

ACTION: In nine months, we met several times with the company’s employees, its managers and directors to define and focus on the core aspects and structure of the first corporate socially responsible report, as well as create, collect and analyze the necessary data and corporate documentation. We also developed a specific policy and strategy to improve the awareness of internal and external employees, as well as strategic partners and clients; furthermore, we wrote and edited the entire report, and supervised its publication.

RESULTS: Following the online and print publication of the document, the company received positive feedbacks from stakeholders, shareholders and local media; the commercial relationship with partners improved, as well as the information and communication to the citizens by the press office of the company. The image of the organization started to be seen more positively by the provincial and regional press, which decreased the number of negative and opposing articles published in newspapers in the previous years, especially in relation to ASMT Group and its business and social performance. Moreover, the overall community started to participate more actively in the organization’s communication process, and be taken into account by the company’s CSR strategy.

STRATEGIC IMPACT: Given the significant effect of having initiated the process of organizing and analyzing its corporate performance, especially in terms of economical, environmental and social impacts, in less than one year ASMT Group could develop a sustainability program with both its internal and external stakeholders, and improve its business results for the benefit of its shareholders and the prosperity of its major and minor stakeholders.


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