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SAS FORUM ITALIA 2008: Sustainability Presenter & Round Table Co-organizer / Communications Consulting/ Business Intelligence / International.

Helped SAS Italy Become First Country in Europe to Successfully Sell Sustainability Management Solutions.

CHALLENGE: We gave support and participated in the organization of the sustainability session at SAS FORUM ITALIA 2008, and for the company it was its first public speaking platform about sustainability management issues held in Italy. Our challenge was to address top sustainability topics, and support SAS Italy in bringing in key professionals as panelists, as well as new potential clients and partners, at their first sustainability round table. More specifically, our challenge was to explain the importance of sustainability management and key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve business results and brand identity.

ACTION: To do so, in a short amount of time of only 4/5 weeks, we have met with the company Marketing Director, the Human Resources Manager and the staff responsible for the marketing office several times. We have listened and spoken to them, and we have helped them to establish the key points and structure of the sustainability session, as well as the individual sustainability presentations of each speaker. Moreover, we have supported the company about media relations through contacts with magazines and journals, specialized in ICT and business intelligence. After SAS FORUM ITALIA, we have helped the Marketing Department to organize a second sustainability meeting, held in March 2009. This second event has been developed according to the company overall marketing strategy for the Italian market, in order to improve the awareness of both former and new potential customers about SAS sustainability management policy and objectives, and its new Sustainability Management Software Solution, lunched globally on April 29th 2008.

RESULTS: After the two events, SAS Italy has received very positive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders, and various articles have been published by specialized Italian magazines and online media. We also have received media coverage, and have been contacted ourselves by some innovative entrepreneurs working in the ICT sector, who have asked us to have more information about the subject of sustainability management, particularly in relation to business intelligence, and about other key sustainability issues including sustainability indicators, emission trading schemes, carbon management, energy efficiency and Green ICT. As a result of these events SAS Italy has established more profitable relationships for long term business collaborations.

STRATEGIC IMPACT: Given the significant impact of its innovative sustainability management software, and compared to other company’s global locations, SAS Italy has positioned itself as first Italian marketplace and first EU Member State for selling the product – being already an important market leader recognized in Europe and Non EU countries. In less than two years, SAS Italy has substantially improved its sustainability reporting and management practices and initiatives, as well as those of its top Italian clients, including the Energy Department of Poste Italiane Group.



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