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QUI! GROUP: First Corporate Sustainability Communication Report / Coaching & Training Consulting / Prepaid Services / Italian Company.

Supported QUI! GROUP Company Create First Sustainability Communication Report to Succeed in Top Public and Private Bids.

CHALLENGE: Second Italian leading supplier of benefits, incentives and prepaid services needed to develop a sustainability communication report, which could help the organization to ensure compliance with all legal requirements, and place successful bids for private sector procurement and public contract operations. Another key challenge was to motivate employees and partners achieve enhanced performance towards corporate sustainability, and improve on-line and off-line communications. Our main challenge was to coach and train personnel about the importance of effectively collect, analyze and report about the overall organization’s economic, environmental and social performance to engage with stakeholders, and raise public awareness of the benefits of sustainability.

ACTION: In 4 months, we created and secured buy-in from the General Director, Communication, Marketing and CSR managers, and developed both structure and key content of the company’s first sustainability communication report. We empowered different teams and employees through numerous sustainability coaching and training sessions, instilling a common corporate sustainability vision and future direction. We used our influence and experience to affect positive change, leveraging the necessary knowledge for more effective sustainability management and communications inside and outside the organization.

RESULTS: QUI! GROUP increased its operations through the submission of winning bids and proposals, and awarded new local, regional and governmental contracts since July 2009, immediately after the completion of our coaching and training project. The company performed the sustainability duties detailed in private and public contracts, succeed in national tenders and acquired new top clients like Poste Italiane Group, Enel and Ferrovie dello Stato. We revealed undisclosed deficiencies and mistakes in previous documenting and reporting activity on environmental and social performance, and written off ineffective writing, establishing a baseline for future Web communication projects. We also empowered teams on stakeholder engagement and good communication.

STRATEGIC IMPACT: The company successfully pursued lots of new procurement contracts, and learnt about the process and impact of compliance with both national environmental legal requirements and international sustainability standards, as well as acquired key sustainability knowledge for successful bids about business operations. We educated staff about the repercussions of lack of effective sustainability communications for successful proposal submissions in the selection process. QUI! GROUP achieved key sustainability competencies in the areas examined by government purchasing, prepared to hand over extensive information and accommodate information-gathering activities on sustainability issues by private purchasing agents and government offices.


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