Senior & Middle Managers

Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Answer our Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire for Senior & Middle Managers to understand if your company is on the right path.

It should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.


Sustainability Management Questionnaire

1) Would you like to gain management support and commitment for implementing sustainability plans and initiatives?

2) Would you like to make sustainability goals a credible, ongoing requirement into your corporate day-to-day operations?

3) Are you interested in identifying the key challenges your company faces to adapt to climate change and top environmental issues?

4) Would you like to measure sustainability performances, and manage your carbon and other green house gases emissions?

5) Are you interested in developing and implementing energy management systems, and creating eco-efficiency corporate plans?

6) Would you like to improve business performance with effective sustainability management systems and audit schemes?

7) Would you like to identify the best options about sourcing, transportation and logistics in your decision-making process?

8) Would you like to measure and monitor initiatives about energy reduction with an account of suppliers’ emissions?


Sustainability Communications Questionnaire

1) Would you like to communicate and monetize sustainability with accountability for carbon emissions and environmental impacts?

2) Do you want to demonstrate commitment about greenhouse-gas inventories, climate-change mitigation and efficiency planning?

3) Do you need help to identify your company stakeholders, and ensure environmental disclosure and effective sustainability reporting?

4) Would you like to differentiate the corporate image, prevent the risk of greenwashing, and avoid any claim or third party complaint?

5) Do you want to develop social networking among your collaborators, and activate sustainability competence at a worker level?

6) Do you want to get creative and innovative ideas for your communication campaigns, and to promote environmental awareness?

7) Do you want to identify the major obstacles faced by your organization when communicating about top sustainability issues?

8) Are you interested in getting the best resources and tips for effective sustainability communications and stakeholder engagement?


Sustainability Coaching & Training Questionnaire

1) Do you want to promote active learning and collaborative knowledge creation about sustainability principles within your organization?

2) Are you interested in engaging internal work force and external collaborators towards more sustainable growth and performance?

3) Do you want to assure compliance with legislation about labour laws, as well as standards about corporate social responsibility?

4) Are you interested in eliminating redundancy in learning and training programs for employees and other external collaborators?

5) Do you want to rebuild the reputation of your company with new vision, processes and culture towards authentic corporate sustainability?

6) Do you need help to assess the current level of sustainability in your company’s daily operations, and in your process management?

7) Do you want to identify the major areas of exposure to environmental risk, and most sustainability challenges faced by your company?

8) Do you need to train internal and/or external teams, which are responsible for sustainability development and implementation?


Did you answer YES to at least 4 of the 8 QUESTIONS in any section above? CONTACT US to discuss how we can help address these CHALLENGES.

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