Senior & Middle Managers

Sustainability Management Solutions: Performance Evaluation & Reporting Systems.

Recognizing that sustainability is directly linked to the continual improvement of business performance, we support Senior & Middle Managers to develop a sustainability performance evaluation process that help them assist their organizations and stakeholders achieve the agreed objectives more sustainably.

As performance measurement and sustainability reporting has become a high-profile business issue, we guide Senior & Middle Managers among the growing number of guidelines about sustainability performance evaluation, and help them take action and benchmark progress against competitors.

To improve corporate sustainability, we can help with these SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE EVALUATION & REPORTING SOLUTIONS:

  • Scorecard Thinking: Addressing links between the balanced scorecard framework and management approach, and accounting and reporting system.
  • Sustainability Performance: Addressing ethical and social commitments, and performance in the area of health, safety and environment.
  • Financial Efficiency: Generating shareholder value, measured against major competitors, and creating high levels of return on capital employed.
  • Brand Reputation: Evaluating corporate image across offices, and company reputation among governments and other key stakeholders.
  • Workforce Performance: Measuring employees’ performance based on leadership, diversity, skills, talent, employee attitudes and satisfaction.


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