Offers for Senior & Middle Managers

Sustainability Management Solutions: Management Systems & Audit Process.

Understanding that management systems and audit processes help guide and control environmental, health, safety and quality operations, we support Senior & Middle Managers to meet their needs and obligations, maintain efficient systems and controls, whilst determining next sustainability steps.

As Senior & Middle Managers are increasingly called to manage product stewardship, environmental and social initiatives, it is fundamental to develop sustainability programs that can address top stakeholders issues such as climate change, energy consumption, labor practices and waste management.

To empowersustainability performance, we can help with these SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS & AUDIT PROCESS SOLUTIONS:

  • Environmental Management: Managing environmental roles and responsibilities, and integrate environmental concerns into overall operations.
  • Climate Change Management: Measuring, monitoring, validating and verifying greenhouse gas emissions of industry and service installations.
  • Energy-Efficiency Management: Identifying areas and technologies for energy improvements, and developing plans for energy savings.
  • Health and Safety Management: Meeting needs of evolving health and safety programs, and providing capabilities to meet regulatory compliance.
  • Social Accountability Management: Creating a comprehensive and flexible system for ethical workplace conditions throughout supply chains.


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