Senior & Middle Managers

Sustainability Management Solutions: Legislation & Regulatory Compliance.

Recognizing that companies need to track and comply with increasingly complex environmental legislations and regulations, while providing accountability of sustainability performance to shareholders and stakeholders, we can help Senior & Middle Managers stay on track with environmental compliance.

As Senior & Middle Managers need to assure legal compliance, avoid prosecution and penalties, identify risks and gain business improvements, they need to develop plans that incorporate environmental, carbon and energy management, staff training and supervision, and self-assessment and independent audits.

To ensure environmental compliance, we can help with these SUSTAINABILITY LEGISLATION & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS:

  • Environmental Law: Avoiding fines and penalties from not meeting environmental legislation by identifying risks and addressing weaknesses.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Compliance: Complying with the legislation & emissions trading scheme to minimize the cost of a set emission target.
  • Energy & Renewables Legislation: Understanding legislation and subsidies in place for promoting renewable consumption and energy efficiency.
  • Green IT Regulations: Reducing electronics disposal and hazardous waste, greening data centers, and driving green IT projects and investment.
  • Fair Labour Practices: Staying on the safe side of compliance with human resources, business ethics, risks management and fair labour practices.


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