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Sustainability Management Solutions: Frameworks, Practices & Measurements.

It has been traditionally thought that sustainability is all about “intangibles”, and that it is very difficult, or even impossible to calculate any non financial impact or result. Nevertheless, sustainability is quantifiable, and it is also a strong predictor of any organization’s medium long term financial performance.

Although regulatory compliance can create frameworks that add non-product overhead to the costs of running the business, companies’ efforts can pay substantial returns as lower costs, enhanced competitive market position, improved product quality and safety and more appealing corporate image.

To improve sustainability performance & results, we can help with these SUSTAINABILITY FRAMEWORKS & MEASUREMENTS SOLUTIONS:

  • Sustainability Evaluation Framework: Establishing frameworks to monitor progress about environmental and social initiatives and programs.
  • Performance Measurements: Developing KPIs and performance targets to help measure company’s sustainability performance, growth and value.
  • Sustainable Business Practices: Analyzing sustainability practices, and applying only best business procedures suitable to a specific organization.
  • Environmental Accounting: Understanding role played by the natural resources in organizations’ economy to improve environmental management.
  • Environmental Risk Ratings: Understanding environmental risk rating as a predictive link between environmental and financial performance.


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