Senior & Middle Managers

Sustainability Communications Solutions: Sustainability Research & Social Auditing.

Several steps are necessary to measure results about CSR plans and sustainability initiatives, including regular assessments of progress about corporate commitments, social accountability, performance reporting, brand use and marketing, risk management, education and recruitment.

For this reason, we support Senior & Middle Managers to articulate clear social priorities, develop effective measures to track CSR achievements and identify shortfalls, keep social accounts, audit such accounts and finally communicate results to major and minor stakeholders and shareholders.

To choose best corporate sustainability strategies, we can help with these SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH & SOCIAL AUDITING SOLUTIONS:

  • Supply Chain Research & Auditing: Developing collaborative supply chain relationships, and working towards successful sustainability programs.
  • Partners & Suppliers Screening: Being sure that partners and suppliers will not create a risk for reputation or clash with ethics, values and mission.
  • Best Practices & Case Studies: Encouraging the sharing of good practices and contribution of case studies to highlight market examples and trends.
  • Sustainability & Social Audit: Identifying the applicability of social auditing to engage stakeholders in assessing and reporting on CSR.
  • Internal Ethics Reviews: Implementing an internal ethic review process, and reflecting on experience and recommendations for further action.


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