Senior & Middle Managers

Sustainability Communications Solutions: CSR Communications & Community Involvement.

Recognizing that a comprehensive approach to corporate social responsibility communications is fundamental to ensure sustainability governance, we support Senior & Middle Managers in their CSR practice through innovative sustainability frameworks, strategies and tools for effective communications.

As any organization needs to be aligned around its corporate responsibility and sustainability vision, mission and values, we help Senior & Middle Managers improve alignment of CSR communications with business, better engage employees and community, and deliver a real return on investment.

To improve communications and reporting, we can help with these CSR COMMUNICATION & COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT SOLUTIONS:

  • Web 2.0 & Communications: Leveraging new social media to improve awareness with consumers, and impact in the marketplace on green issues.
  • CSR & Sustainability Storytelling: Communicating CSR and sustainability commitment through effective communications tools and channels.
  • Corporate Team-Building Communications: Creating impact through volunteer activities, and making a difference within the community.
  • Social Media Events & Networking: Bringing creativity and lateral thinking to every meeting or event, and empower community engagement.
  • Sustainable Fundraising & Philanthropy Initiatives: Creating strategies for fundraising and philanthropy to improve sustainability leadership.


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