Senior & Middle Managers

Sustainability Communications: Branding, Eco-Design & Green Marketing Communications.

As good brands evoke a positive impression in consumers’ minds, we believe that authentic and transparent sustainability communication is essential, as well as eco-design and green marketing, as consumers are cautious of buying eco-friendly products, because they still perceive them as having lower quality.

Recognizing that when deciding upon the marketing communication mix, companies should consider the environmental impact of their products,  their eco-design and life cycle assessment, we support Senior & Middle Managers to develop effective green marketing strategies that empower brand reputation.

To enhance brand image and corporate identity, we can help with these BRANDING & GREEN MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS:

  • Sustainable Brand Strategy: Creating core brand strategies that engage the organization, and create a competitive edge towards sustainability.
  • Green Marketing Communications: Translating corporate sustainability strategy into brand implementation plans to achieve long-lasting results.
  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis: Creating in-depth research and analysis with online quantitative surveys, as well as qualitative investigations.
  • Sustainable Event Management: Producing effective events that can demonstrate company’s sustainability, and reduce the environmental impact.
  • Eco-Design & Life Cycle Communications: Leveraging audiences the eco-balance of your products through life cycle thinking and eco-design.


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