Senior & Middle Managers

Sustainability Coaching & Training: Senior & Middle Managers Coaching & Mentoring.

Senior & Middle Managers need to learn how to achieve more sustainable and profitable, long term results through all their collaborators and staff, in order to contribute more effectively to their organization’s success towards an authentic sustainability and corporate responsibility commitment.

Understanding that senior and middle management needs to develop the necessary sustainability skills and knowledge to advance their careers, we partner with Senior & Middle Managers helping them take the best decisions with less information, provide honest feedback and deal with poor performance.

To use time & resources in a more effective and efficient way, we can help with these SUSTAINABILITY COACHING & MENTORING SOLUTIONS:

  • Proposal & Program Governance: Having strong project governance, and key management support lined up and motivated to resolve problems.
  • Project Management & Planning: Reducing risk and complexity that need to be managed, and creating a platform to deliver project objectives.
  • Problem Solving Techniques: Solving business issues by using techniques that tackle apparently huge, overwhelming and complex problems.
  • Time Management Skills: Becoming highly effective by understanding how to identify and focus on the activities that give the greatest returns.
  • Communications Planning: Starting with good planning to communicate general information and “big news” on major changes of the organization.


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