Senior & Middle Managers

Sustainability Coaching & Training: Effective Management & Personal Development.

Senior management needs to set achievable and clear goals to ensure business continuity and help staff accomplish strategic objectives, as well as middle management needs to act as an enabler, remove barriers to support front-line workers in identifying problems, and provide new ideas for improvement.

Recognizing that in a sustainable environment, middle managers need to move from enforcers to enablers, and connect senior management to the front lines, we partner with Senior & Middle Managers to ensure that their organization is aligned towards a long term sustainability and corporate responsibility.

To ensure prioritization of sustainability tasks, we can help with these SUSTAINABILITY COACHING & MENTORING SOLUTIONS:

  • Systems Thinking: Understanding relationship among parts of the system that includes the organization, and integrating core business knowledge.
  • Business Sense: Picking up business sense to be successful, as progressing through career and having wider corporate management responsibility.
  • Scenarios Development: Improving the ability to think about future and the impact of events through scenario development and strategic planning.
  • Team Behavior: Stimulating greater awareness of the needs and strengths of others and the discussion results in itself to have a team building effect.
  • Role Flexibility: Developing strong capabilities to behave in different roles to assume, and take the challenge of multiple tasks and responsibilities.


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