Supply, Purchasing & Sales Units

Want to implement sustainability initiatives across the supply chain and sales department?

We believe that there are five specific TOP CHALLENGES for SUPPLY CHAIN, LOGISTIC, PURCHASING & SALES MANAGERS and officers that need to be taken into consideration today and even more in the next future. If you don’t know how to address these challenges and need help with:

  • Providing secure management of resource consumption & emissions tracking.


  • Identifying best sourcing options, transportation & logistics in decision-making.


  • Monitoring energy reduction initiatives with account of supplier emissions.


  • Reducing risk with emission transparency across the supply network.


  • Implementing environmental initiatives across the supply chain.


To take these SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGES successfully and with a minimum of time and resources, and according to your specific NEEDS & REQUIREMENTS, we can provide you with the tools you need to achieve the following KEY OBJECTIVES in the short, medium and long term:

  • Allowing sustainable logistics management by efficient tracking of resource consumption, carbon emissions and other environmental pollution.


  • Creating a framework for sustainable logistics and purchasing planning by integrating sustainability in the global supply chain management.


  • Making energy consumption monitoring possible in the supply chain by taking into account the context of energy supply and use of technical facilities.


  • Mitigating risks and reducing costs in the supply chain by achieving greenhouse gases emission transparency across the overall supply network.


  • Improving the impact of supply chain initiatives on organization’s suppliers by reviewing and integrating buyer and supplier sustainability strategies.



Do you have similar CHALLENGES & GOALS as mentioned above? Please CONTACT US so we can discuss how our solutions can help you.

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