Efficient HSE & Sustainability Units

Need help to manage risk & comply with latest environmental, health & safety law & regulations?

We believe that there are five specific TOP CHALLENGES for HSE, SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGERS and officers that need to be taken into consideration today and even more in the next future. If you don’t know how to address these challenges and need help with:

  • Identifying key challenges business faces to adapt to climate change.


  • Measuring sustainability performance & managing carbon emissions.


  • Implementing energy management systems & creating eco-efficiency plans.


  • Improving performance with sustainability management systems & audit scheme.


  • Managing risk & complying with environmental, health & safety law & regulations.


To take these SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGES successfully and with a minimum of time and resources, and according to your specific NEEDS & REQUIREMENTS, we can provide you with the tools you need to achieve the following KEY OBJECTIVES in the short, medium and long term:

  • Realizing integrated sustainability management systems and internal audit schemes for continuous improvement, best practices and performances.


  • Developing performance indicators to measure corporate sustainability and manage air, soil, waste and water pollution to increase bottom line value.


  • Creating actions for risk management and adaptation planning to address the physical effects of climate change, its prescriptive regulation and costs.


  • Monitoring greenhouse gases to assess carbon emissions, manage abatement projects and provide transparency into sustainability initiatives.


  • Implementing material and energy use reduction programs and eco-efficiency plans to create more business value with less impact and opportunities.


  • Measuring and documenting sustainability tangible and intangible benefits in order to demonstrate investments value in HSE to Top Management.



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