Communications, CSR & PR Units

Interested in differentiate brand & corporate image and reduce risk of greenwashing or green claims?

We believe that there are five specific TOP CHALLENGES for CSR, MARKETING, BRAND, COMMUNICATIONS & PR MANAGERS and officers that need to be taken into consideration today and even more in the next future. If you don’t know how to address these challenges and need help with:

  • Communicating environmental stewardship across shareholders & stakeholders.


  • Identifying best practices and tools for sustainability communications initiatives.


  • Revealing & monetizing sustainability strategies with green accountability.


  • Ensuring environmental disclosure & reporting with comprehensive information.


  • Differentiating brand & corporate image & reduce risk of perceived greenwashing.


To take these SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGES successfully and with a minimum of time and resources, and according to your specific NEEDS & REQUIREMENTS, we can provide you with the tools you need to achieve the following KEY OBJECTIVES in the short, medium and long term:

  • Engaging shareholders and stakeholders with best techniques of communications, and the principles and schemes of environmental stewardship.


  • Creating sustainability initiatives and avoid risk of greenwash by identifying key sustainability issues and tools to best suit company objectives.


  • Reporting to stakeholders and monetizing sustainability performance by mastering green accountability principles and techniques.


  • Ensuring environmental disclosure and reporting by producing comprehensive corporate sustainability information and technical documentation.


  • Preventing the pitfalls in environmental communications by properly enhancing company reputation and truly differentiating corporate image.



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