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Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Answer our Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire for CEOs & Boards of Directors to understand if your company is on the right path.

It should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.


Sustainability Management Questionnaire

1) Would you like management to know where to go within the organization to decide on any sustainability matter for which the board is responsible?

2) Do you want to improve the board understanding of sustainability performance and reporting, and maintain dialogue with senior managers?

3) Are you interested in developing effective corporate responsibility vision and values to promote sustainability motivation within the organization?

4) Do you want your company to build good relationships with customers/suppliers, and review whether it should continue to do business with them?

5) Would you like your board to give credit & feedback on sustainability to top managers, directors and staff by speaking, reporting or drafting memos?

6) Are you interested in creating a strong board team that works towards sustainability, and encourages corporate responsibility off-site activities?

7) Would you like your board to be able to identify the required sustainability competencies, and relate them to a more sustainable business model?

8) Are you interested in getting advice about sustainability policy and strategy to improve corporate responsibility and management performance?

Sustainability Communications Questionnaire

1) Would you like top management to communicate clearly the organization’s mission to front-line officers, employees and other external staff?

2) Are you interested in understanding how your board could integrate sustainability principles into meeting and event management practices?

3) Do you want to help the board in translating corporate social responsibility concepts and schemes into specific long term communication plans?

4) Would you like your board to be able to gather key information from a variety of sources on opportunities and threats before making any decision?

5) Would you like to help the board identify feasible alternatives, and keep different options in focus to communicate corporate sustainability initiatives?

6) Would you like to develop lateral thinking, and see new options for your company’s communications system towards more sustainable messages?

7) Would you like to help the board to differentiate itself from other boards by communicating in a more environmentally and socially responsible way?

8) Do you want to empower your board to maximize investors’ engagement by communicating more effectively on tangible and intangible benefits?

Sustainability Coaching & Training Questionnaire

1) Would you like your company vision and mission to be monitored and reviewed regularly for continuous improvement of performance?

2) Are you interested in review the impact of the board’s decisions and the quality of actions towards corporate responsibility and sustainability?

3) Would you like your goals towards social responsibility and sustainability to be more specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound?

4) Do you want to know if your organization structure and capabilities are appropriate for implementing effective corporate sustainability strategies?

5) Do you want your board to be the primary champion of the company’s efforts/initiatives towards sustainability for all shareholders & stakeholders?

6) Do you want to know how the board can effectively review organization’s strengths, weaknesses & opportunities related to sustainability challenges?

7) Would you like to encourage change in corporate culture, and questioning of organizational and managerial conventions and leadership styles?

8) Do you want your board clearly to delegate authority to senior managers, and regularly review top management’s effectiveness and efficiency?



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