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Sustainability Management: Metrics Management & Reporting.

No management system is complete without effective measurement and reporting practices. For this reason, it is necessary to integrate reporting with sustainability data, and other business information of interest to employees and investors alike.

Although measuring corporate responsibility and sustainability will never be an exact science, companies and large organizations can raise credibility among shareholders and stakeholders by linking their metrics to more exacting financial indicators.

To create and promote sustainability initiatives within your organization, and make sustainability measurement meaningful to shareholders and stakeholders, we can help you with the following SUSTAINABILITY MEASUREMENT & REPORTING SOLUTIONS:

  • Industry Standard Metrics: Selecting performance indicators for measuring and reporting on projects improvements and tracking progress.
  • Impact Assessment: Assessing organization’s current impact by gathering relevant data from company divisions, suppliers, partners and customers.
  • Frameworks & Guidelines: Developing frameworks for reporting initiatives, and creating guidelines for documenting carbon and energy projects.
  • External Assurance & Review: Adding credibility to reporting, and providing internal support to help improve internal documenting processes.
  • Climate Change Reporting: Demonstrating the existence of management systems and approaches to manage climate change, its impact and risks.


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