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Sustainability Management: EU Legislation, Policy & Funding.

Companies risk missing out on the full benefits of understanding and implementing EU legislation, policy and funding that deal with top environmental, energy and sustainable development issues to foster research, innovation and competitiveness.

As competitiveness and sustainability are mutually reinforcing concepts, sustainable and responsible businesses can easily differentiate from their competitors, and build credibility and trust in a global market economy towards more trade openness.

To create effective corporate sustainability policies and strategies through the development of a legislative framework that help you evaluate sustainability risks and opportunities, we can help you with the following SUSTAINABILITY POLICY & FUNDING SOLUTIONS:

  • Environment & Sustainable Development: Dealing with EU sustainable development strategy and integration of other EU policies.
  • Energy, Renewables & Climate Change: Tackling climate change, greenhouse emissions reduction, energy consumption and renewables.
  • Soil, Water & Waste Management: Managing specific soil types and discharge of substances, water usage, waste production and recycling.
  • Natural Resources & Biodiversity: Understanding EU action plans on genetically modified organisms, biofuels, forests and natural resources.
  • Air & Noise Pollution: Managing and monitoring air quality, atmospheric pollutants, transport impact and specific sources of noise pollution.


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