CEOs & Board Members

Sustainability Communications: Shareholder & Stakeholder Engagement.

CEOs and Boards are not only interested in shareholders’ views, but also in those of key stakeholders, which request a clear, candid and timely responding.

Shareholders are likely to discuss various topics, including executive compensation, sustainability and other corporate governance issues, while stakeholders prefer to discuss their expectations of the organization’s environmental and social performance.

To expand your engagement process with key shareholders and stakeholders, and gain an additional valuable insight into your sustainability performance, we can help you with the following SUSTAINABILITY SHAREHOLDER & STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT SOLUTIONS:

  • Policies, Standards & Performance: Defining sustainability communications policy, setting standards, measuring and monitoring ongoing results.
  • Authentic Information Disclosure: Ensuring a high level of transparency in communications, as a key indicator of a socially responsible company.
  • Shareholders Communication Process: Facilitating corporate sustainability communications among CEOs, Board of Directors and shareholders.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Approach: Contributing to risk management, learning and innovation by understanding stakeholders expectations.
  • Responsible Investors Mapping: Identifying investor needs and appropriate messages, and specifying communications tactics and channels.


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