CEOs & Board Members

Sustainability Coaching & Training: Executives Career Development & Training.

Although CEOs and Boards usually do not follow exactly the same path in their career, and lines of demarcation are not always clearly drawn, it is possible to trace few common, identifiable phases of their career development and progression.

Top managers know the stages that the average business persons normally experience; but, usually, they don’t know how extraordinarily successful persons have risen to the top of an organization, and what have been the major events that have boosted their careers.

To empower your career and business success, we can help with the following SUSTAINABILITY CAREER DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS:

  • Course Evaluation: Moving into more appropriate and valuable positions towards sustainability before productivity becomes a problem.
  • Career Examination: Focusing on career alternatives, given existing skills, experience, accomplishments, interests, goals and education.
  • Communication Enhancement: Helping achieve most effective behaviors to maintain strong relationships in the workplace environment.
  • Management Development: Improving ability to manage self and others, and advance personal career in periods of challenge, change or crisis.
  • Presentation Improvement: Using personal communications skills to deliver dynamic presentations and gain greater audience commitment.


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