CEOs & Boards of Directors

To help achieve more sustainable and profitable growth, we have developed proven tools and methodologies to manage the corporate sustainability agenda as an integral part of the competitive strategy, and get shareholders and stakeholders onto the same platform.

As CEO or Member of your Board of Directors, are you interested in understanding the benefits of driving corporate social responsibility or sustainability initiatives in your organization?

Are you concerned about the fact that your board should have consistent views of most sustainability related risks and opportunities your organization faces and could face in the future?

Are you eager to acquire the necessary knowledge, capabilities and skills to be appointed as the designated person for any corporate responsibility and sustainability related issues?

We can assist you with the definition of the best sustainability strategy and structural framework for your organization to enable the proper direction of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

We can help you create and promote a clear vision of your board’s role in designing, endorsing and overseeing the successful implementation of any corporate sustainability strategy or initiative.


Some of the KEY GLOBAL CHALLENGES that CEOs & BOARDS will face in 2016 include:

  • Business growth and responsible profitability through strategic planning and innovation.
  • Cost optimization and energy efficiency targets to increase GHG emissions performance.
  • Eco-innovation and sustainable logistics to build sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Government regulation compliance checks for the best commitment to sustainability.
  • Environmental and social risk oversight to create a long term competitive advantage.
  • Change management and succession planning to interact with all management levels.
  • Talent acquisition and best employee retention for establishing a long term sustainability.
  • Leadership development and performance improvement for more leader effectiveness.


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