C-Level Executives

Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Answer our Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire for C-Level Executives to understand if you and your company are on the right path.

It should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.


Sustainability Management Questionnaire

1) Does top management proceed with difficulty to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to corporate citizenship and social responsibility?

2) Are you interested in acquiring up-to-date perspectives about greenhouse-gas inventories’ context, policy trends and emerging protocols?

3) Would you like to help your organization take further actions to improve the C-Suite performance towards more effective corporate sustainability?

4) Do you want to know how top management can enhance front line performance improvement and personal productivity of front line employees?

5) Would you like to improve customers and suppliers retention by keeping them up to date with business developments towards sustainability?

6) Are you aware that achieving basic regulatory compliance does not make a company sustainable, and more applicable requirements are needed?

7) Are you interested in developing management systems to ensure control of legislative requirements, and sustainability risks and opportunities?

8) Do you want to know how energy management is relevant to financing capital-intensive projects, creating an incentive model & training workforce?

Sustainability Communications Questionnaire

1) Would you like your organization to increase brand emotional value, while reduces the environmental impact of overall corporate communications?

2) Do you want to know how to explain sustainability performance, including disappointments, to a suspicious public, while increasing support & trust?

3) Do you want to know how to communicate and leverage competitive advantage of sustainability positioning with customers and other stakeholders?

4) Are you interested in developing marketing communications strategies and tools that incorporate thought leadership on corporate sustainability?

5) Would you like to respond to the higher expectations of socially responsible vendors, suppliers and investors about your sustainability performance?

6) Are you interested in creating & implementing effective communication audit programs/schemes to give proper information on sustainability needs?

7) Do you want a strong feeling of a team working towards sustainability within company’s departments from top managers down to junior employee?

8) Would you like to enable managers and employees to involve with public without losing control through effective stakeholder engagement processes?

Sustainability Coaching & Training Questionnaire

1) Would you like to assess leadership quality among C-Level Executives, and develop an ongoing support for your own leadership development?

2) Are you concerned about attracting and retaining the best people, “winning the war for talent” and engaging more responsibly with all employees?

3) Are you interested in getting advice on executive training opportunities open to you & your colleagues about corporate responsibility & sustainability?

4) Do you believe your company should be committed to offering ongoing, proper assistance and training to everyone who works for the organization?

5) Do you want to understand if your staff needs to develop further skills, when they take on new or additional duties towards corporate sustainability?

6) Are you interested in guiding colleagues to assess the sustainability learning outcomes, before they take a coaching advice or specific training course?

7) Do you want to know how to review effectively your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats related to sustainability challenges?

8) Would you like to get proper recognition for your contribution to the rest of your organization towards a more sustainable and profitable business?

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