C-Level Executives

Sustainability Communications: Sustainability Participation & Stakeholder Engagement.

C-Level Executives need to interact with their stakeholders regularly; although, usually executives do not have proper understanding and knowledge of their stakeholders sustainability needs, and rarely they try to encourage stakeholders participation in shaping the future of their organization.

For this reason, we can help you manage your major and minor stakeholders relations through the identification of your company’s public groups, and defining their key characteristics and sustainability needs, which will determine the type of relation your organization will build with them.

To create a stakeholder engagement framework, we can help with these SUSTAINABILITY STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT SOLUTIONS:

  • Strategic Thinking: Relating core business objectives to specific stakeholders needs, and undertaking needs prioritization for further analysis.
  • Relationship Planning: Introducing several levels of engagement, and guiding analysis of existing relationships, resources and constraints.
  • Engagement Techniques: Outlining different engagement techniques, and helping to design an approach that suits the needs of a specific situation.
  • Capacity Assessment: Addressing competencies questions and capacities to engage, and ensuring all parties can join and participate effectively.
  • Output Review: Following up on the outputs of engagement, and ensuring that stakeholders feel assured on quality of organizational efforts.


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