C-Level Executives

Sustainability Coaching & Training: Corporate Governance & External Facilitation.

Top management evaluation processes would become more meaningful to Boards and C-Level Executives, and would provide increasing reassurance to shareholders and stakeholders, through a consistent external evaluation and facilitation approach.

For this reason, we assist C-Level Executives in improving their corporate governance standards with the best practice guidance available about corporate governance and sustainability requirements.

To empower sustainability performance and results, we can help with these SUSTAINABILITY EVALUATION & FACILITATION SOLUTIONS:

  • Executive Development: Applying knowledgeable, professional and independent overviews to identify quickly key sustainability areas to address.
  • Scenario Planning: Using scenarios to understand and adapt to changed circumstances, and identifying indicators of change, decisions and actions.
  • Professional Facilitation: Facilitating executives’ meetings, and helping to ensure and increase organizational cohesion and people performance.
  • Evaluation Process: Improving effectiveness, maximizing strengths and tackling weaknesses, and assess how performance might be improved.
  • Managing Communications: Enhancing the ability to meet business goals with high quality performance in marketing and communications.


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