Our Sustainability Solutions

Specializing in profitable sustainability management solutions, compelling eco-focused communications services and collaborative coaching & training programs, ETICAMBIENTE® assists market leaders in creating more profitable & sustainable business growth.

We specialize in working with medium-to-large sized companies and multinationals struggling with integrating sustainability into their corporate business model, daily operations and risk analysis.

By providing all-in-one sustainability solutions, we empower our clients to enhance their brand reputation, drive long term business growth and honor their Triple Bottom Line.

We help to create a compelling business case for sustainable development, implement strategies for sustainability, access new green markets and promote eco-innovative products and services.

We carry out specific sustainability programs and corporate social responsibility initiatives, and offer comments and insights on the state-of-the art of most sustainability issues and CSR practices.


We can support you in addressing the following KEY SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGES:

  • Measure and evaluate your organization’s ecological impact and its carbon footprint.
  • Identify principal business risks related with potential water quality and water shortage.
  • Meet customer requirements and establish an authentic green image and branding identity.
  • Promote and ensure effective sustainability initiatives in your organization’s supply chain.
  • Incorporate sustainability principles into employee incentives and retaining best talents.
  • Comply with environmental laws, health and safety regulations and sustainability standards.


Some of the RELEVANT OUTCOMES you can expect by adopting OUR SOLUTIONS include:

  • Learn how to build and implement successful sustainability strategies and translate them into short, medium or long term specific policies and effective programs and initiatives.
  • Identify cost savings and efficiencies for new revenue through sustainability performance indicators and convert sustainability risk into more profitable commercial opportunities.
  • Gain insight into the key aspects of carbon and water footprint as a tool to capitalize on sustainability opportunities and avoid risks of no action in the medium and long term.
  • Find out how to take real advantage of sustainability issues, best practice and tools and choose effective ways to reduce energy consumption and meet your energy efficiency goals.
  • Gather analytical perspectives related to the latest sustainability management and communications practices and acquire information to avoid any potential performance problem.
  • Take into account the key aspects of market orientation toward superior value creation and develop more sustainable products and services that meet your customers’ requirements.


Some of the SPECIFIC RESULTS and SUSTAINABILITY VALUE we have generated include:

  • Supported GI GROUP, its divisions and subsidiary companies to train clients on QHSE.
  • Spoke about LCA at EDILCAMP 2013 1st Italian Barcamp for the Construction Industry.
  • Lectured on CSR at IED Turin Professional Master in Sustainability Communications.
  • Designed for ENEL Green Power subsidiary company Agatos Energia its new website.
  • Provided SAP XC Excellence Club with legal advice to assure competency on CSR issues.
  • Served SAP Italy in preparing marketing content for new sustainability offerings launch.
  • Helped SAS Italy become the first country in the EU to profitably sell green IT software.
  • Supported QUI GROUP create sustainability report to succeed in public & private bids.
  • Collaborated with SDA Bocconi School of Management at seminars on sustainability.


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