We share our professional standards & core principles with our business partners in Italy and worldwide, and we seek business organizations that can share our company’s values.

With credentials and expertise, they help us increase the value of our business and improve the chances to help our clients to achieve long-term sustainable prosperity and profitability.

We enter partnerships with businesses we can trust and look for companies who value honesty and transparency and practice good personal and professional behavior and business ethics.

Our business relationships are supported by socially responsible, ethical companies committed to create a more sustainable economy, society and environment.

We cannot do business with any organization that fails to adhere to our values and principles in their operations or cause their business partners and suppliers to do the same.

Our Business Partners are committed to common objectives and agreed goals, communicate effectively in a timely manner and respect each other’s vision and mission.

Examples where our collaborative working has proven invaluable and created results include:

• Working together at environmental and sustainability programs.
• Leveraging and sharing Green ICT best practices and new IT tools.
• Joint management of Sustainability / CSR communications events.
• Achieving and sharing common CSR successes and improvements.
• Participating in strategic conferences, meetings and seminars.

We choose to engage in long-term agreements with innovativebest-in-class companies, and we are grateful for their knowledge and guidance and proud to work with them.

If you wish to become our business partner, please contact us to discuss your proposal.