Energy costs have a significant impact on most industries and business activities. Although, they are easier to measure, if comparing with another natural resource like water, first energy issues need to be identified and addressed to gain efficiency and pay for themselves very quickly.


Not all energy is equal in carbon terms, and we have to remember that:

  • Oil and gas have a low carbon intensity and are comparatively cheap.
  • Mains electricity is higher-priced and produce much more carbon emissions.
  • Compressed air is the most expensive form of energy on the majority of industrial sites.


We want to share with you the following ENERGY SAVING TIPS that would help reduce costs and improve energy efficiency inside factories, or offices:


1. Turn off all office equipment when you are not using it (overnight, at weekends and during bank holidays). On a single computer and monitor your saving could be up to € 40,00 a year.

2. Cut all lighting costs by as much as at least 15% per annum. You can easily do this by turning off the lights in empty rooms and replacing bulbs with energy saving ones.

3. Avoid a constantly dripping to tap, as it can cost your business about € 450,00 every year. In addition, make sure you always turn off taps fully and fix any drips.

4. Save 4% of turnover with waste management techniques like partnering with other local businesses to recycle waste, or selling it to be used as raw materials.

5. Save 8% on your company’s heating bill by turning the thermostat down at least one degree.

6. Ask suppliers about take-back schemes for unused products to get a total or partial refund.

7. Save up to one month’s worth of fuel in a year through smarter driving, such as reducing load and good maintenance.

8. Invest in efficient equipment, such as capturing hot air and hot water from a compressor, to cut your energy and water costs.

9. Refill inkjet cartridges, as this costs about half the price of a new one. Use e-mail only, set any PC to print double-sided and refill printer, fax and photocopier cartridges.

10. Always communicate your commitment to reducing the environmental impact, as more than a third of consumers prefer recyclable products, or those with minimal packaging.


CONTACT US today to know more. We will discuss how we can help improve energy efficiency, save business cost and reduce carbon emissions.



Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

European Smart Metering Alliance

Energy Efficiency Watch 2 Project (EEW2)

European Union Energy Efficiency Directive

European Commission Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

European Commission ManagEnergy Initiative Website

European Union Funded EMEEES Project (Intelligent Energy Europe)


We help our clients and partners address the most pressing economical, political, social and environmental challenges. If you want to learn more about our sustainability practices, please Contact Us for an initial introductory consultation to discuss what management and communications systems you may need for complete sustainability legislative and regulatory compliance, and better measurement and reporting of TBL performance.


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